Dr. Brenda K. Goudeaux

Sacramento, CA

I call her my Lil Paula White due to the dynamite and urgency she presented. Signs followed the Word she spoke and many are still speaking of her unique style and anointed delivery.

Pastor Debbie Lowe

Warsaw, IN

She has a passion to present the truth of God's word to hurting humanity and train up leaders with a heart after God.You will be enriched by your involvement with this Women of God and your exposure to her dynamic preaching and teaching.

Vanessa Hall

Houston, TX

Pastor Michelle is a mighty voice for God. She ministers in the Spirit and walks boldly in God's Word. Thank you for coming to Texas and ministering in a BIG way. But of course your assignment was BIG because everything is BIG in Texas. May God continue to take you higher. Our ladies in South Texas love your ministry

Pastor Steve Shank

Boulder, CO

She is a person of honor, integrity, and excellence. Her teaching/preaching ministry will inspire, challenge, and encourage both women and men alike. She is full of the Word and the anointing of the Spirit of the Lord is upon her.

Pastor Larry & First Lady Lene'a Trirce

Lansing, MI

She reminded us that we were Meaningful to God beyond our pains, past, feelings, failures, fears and even what we hear around us or see in the mirror. 

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