• Michelle Rae

I'm Not Looking For Political Debate

Updated: Sep 12, 2018


Christians we so need to rub our eyes, shake ourselves from our slumber & wake up to the signs of our times. We need to figure out, how to discern, what is really going on, behind this extreme, hateful, loathing, dark, continual, constant, whatever it takes, attack, on our President & his family. An attack that's been so increasingly, relentless. An attack that's been unreal & unheard of before. An attack so deliberate, so focused, so anger provoked, as to destroy, tear down, silence, and overthrow everything right & good, & necessary in our great nation. An attack so hate filled it seems almost inhuman. An attack so vicious, it has to be more than politics, or personality, or winners & losers. It's an attack with a mission...simply, DESTROY at all costs. It's revengeful, retaliating, hurtful, & cruel. It lacks empathy & compassion of any kind. It's self seeking & grossly, self promoting. It's easily angered, & apparently keeps all records of wrongs. It believes the worst & is so terribly, unkind. It's impatient, & rude, & it trusts no one. It's encouraging division & strife, & hate & it mocks compassion & Truth, & love. It's a VERY serious problem.

We have got to, we must, rise up & believe that we, as believers, are in a serious, life altering, battle. Yes, we are. Behind what we see & hear every moment, are things we aren't seeing or hearing. We aren't fighting one another. We aren't fighting doctrines & theology. We aren't fighting denominations, genders, skin color, or race. We're not supposed to even be fighting political parties. We, on purpose, fight & resist darkness & evil. We represent Jesus. We belong to Jesus. We love like Jesus. We live like Jesus. We believe like Jesus. And we pray for our leaders like Jesus told us to. Right??

We must recognize this discord in our nation, goes deeper than what we see, or feel, or know, or hear on the latest TV news program. We gotta stop allowing personalities to think for us & pull us, so easily, off our convictions. This attack, this chaos, this confusion, this divide in our nation, is on purpose. It has an agenda. There is an end result in mind. It goes deeper than what we are taught from the pulpits in our churches, or are willing to even take a moment, to ponder. Too many unaware believers, & we must become, aware. The times of being casual are over. The time for sitting back & letting someone else fight, is over. The time of staying silent has long been over. An attack on our leader is an attack on us. Blessings flow from the top down. Bring down the Leader, scatter the people. Our President is our Leader, but ultimately, we are the target. We, as Christians are under attack. We as Christians are seen as an enemy to the agenda. We are in the way of darkness overtaking, & destroying, & overwhelming our great nation. Our way is not the preferred way. We are the ones 'outta touch'. We must be silenced. We must be defeated.

It's not a matter of republican or democrat. It's not about right or left. It's not about gender, or race, or illegal, or legal. It's never been about that. It's always been about darkness & Light. It's about good VS evil. It's about freedom vs bondage. It's about living vs merely existing. It's about right vs wrong. We, certainly, don't fight people, but we must fight darkness. We don't attack people, but we must attack the gates of hell. We don't find enemies in people, but we do have an enemy. Every moment, we are hated.

We don't compromise the Gospel, & we certainly don't believe every lie the enemy dares, speak against our current President, just because a popular person says it. We are so much smarter than that. We know better than to be drawn into rage, unforgiveness, & bitterness, don't we!? We are in the world, but not of it, aren't we?? We are so much more powerful, than to just cower in the face of every bully. We are more significant in the temperature of our nation, than we realize. I wish we realized that. Cuz, darkness does.

No one is perfect. No Christian is perfect. Our President is not perfect. He's simply a man, under attack, constantly, and Christians should never be named among the attackers. Ever. Everyone has things we would be horrified if anyone knew, but we aren't being exposed for our past mistakes & failures, every single day. No, our President is. We are called to pray for him, constantly. We are called to honor him, daily. We are called to believe to see God work through this imperfect vessel, like only God can do. He's defended Christianity. He's defended our religious freedom. He's defended Jerusalem & Israel. He's brought God back into our political conversations. He's nominated Supreme Court picks that honor & love our great nation. He defends our rights & our constitution. He stands up to bullies and defends you & me every single day, knowing he will never get the credit for anything good he does, only condemnation, shame, embarrassment, & blame. And yet, tomorrow, he will wake up, & without one regret, do it all over again. No, he's not perfect, he's not refined, he doesn't handle everything correctly, & neither do I. But, He is the President of the United States of America. And, as a Christian, I must defend him. We must stop focusing on the natural, and turn our strong gaze, to the supernatural & stare down our real enemy, while holding our ground! There is a battle there. That's where our fight is. Not against our President. Church, Pray for him & go VOTE in November. Our future as a Christian nation, depends on it.

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