• Michelle Rae

No! Not that word...patience

Hey you!! Guess what? God tells us it's through our FAITH & our PATIENCE that we inherit, get a hold of, experience, own, walk in, & enjoy the promise. Yay! Awesome!! So exciting!! Sounds simple enough! Right? Faith! Got it!! Easy peasy! No problem!! ...Ummm...Hold on a sec...there's a slight issue, cuz many, many, times, almost always, actually, the faith isn't our problem...it's that other word that God squeezed in there, so smoothly, so deliberately, so wish it'd go away, but never does word... patience! That word, that tantrum inducing, tear jerking, sweat invoking word!!! Ugh!! Come on!!! Cooooome on!! 😯Soooo, I guess this means we, yes me, always have a decision to make when things go a tad bit slower than we want, or expect, or need, or beg for it to go...after all, we know best 😑 Sheesh!! Yep, we want the promise, just not, ever, ever, E-V-E-R THAAAT way 😓 So, here it is, ready?...we can struggle if we want to, we can question if it feels good, we can complain to get our own way, we can get mad at the rules, we can throw ourselves on the floor and scream, we can stick our tongue out at God, we can quit the game, & yep, we can even cry if we want to, why not, its our promise to lose, but, when the crying episode is over, and the tears have all dried up, and we realized how silly we look screaming, slobbering, & kicking on the floor...none of that foolishness will produce the promise. NONE! Zero! Nada! Zilch! Ever! So, I suggest we get a hold of ourselves, pull it together, wipe the snot off our chin, slap a smile on our face, act like God knows what He's talking about, and just be so very, very, VERY thankful that we aren't Lil old Abraham, and hopefully wont have to wait 25 years for our promise!! Gulp!! Yep, it could always be worse