• Michelle Rae

What are you seeking....Gifts or Anointing?

JUST THE RANTINGS OF A CHURCH GIRL... Church, we must be careful NOT to be mistaken, & not to be confused, any longer! Sometimes I think we look at the wrong thing, & dismiss the GOD thing. Too often, I see us, pursue the man/woman, at the expense of encountering GOD. We want to be wowed, but don't wanna be changed. We want a moment, but never an impact. We want to fill our churches, but not transform our heart. We want to be left with a twinkle in our eye, but no tears running down our face. We want all the BIG names, but hardly ever speak the NAME. We wanna be liked, so we give people what they want, & rob them of what they need. We let darkness infiltrate our services, & call it God, & then, we compromise, & accept what isn't God, hoping it'll produce God... It won't. A man/woman with amazing gifts, but without anointing, may fill your church, but will never fill your people. Running to see the next big 'star' in the church, if they aren't anointed, will cost you gas & time, but will never get down deep into the heart of who you & I are, & make us walk away in awe, tears running down our face, wanting to be, needing to be, more like Jesus. Just because the church applauds them, doesn't mean God has appointed them. And just because we enthroned them, doesn't mean God has assigned them. A person, with great gifts, but, without the anointing, is just a gifted person. A person, anointed by God, with or without gifts, is a history maker, life changer, devil crusher, chain breaker, & a hell opposer! Meeting those kind of people, being around those kind of people, challenges us, provokes us, dares us, to never be the same!! It's past time, that we finally realize, there's a big difference between gifts & anointing. Yes, there is. Gifts entertain. Gifts fill a room. Gifts draw attention to man. Anointing breaks chains. Anointing removes burdens & destroys yokes. Anointing draws attention to God. So, see? Not, at all, the same thing. Gifts leave us speechless. Anointing leaves us changed!!