• Michelle Rae

Is Jesus Enough

Updated: Sep 12, 2018


I know we say it, I know we preach it, but, I wonder, sometimes. if the church really believes it... Is Jesus enough? Cuz, well, we sure do a great job covering Him up with all the other entertaining, fluff. And, please, hear me, It's not one particular group, or denomination, or culture, or sect of the American church. It's simply, the church.

When Jesus had 'church', He taught, with no gimmicks, no light shows, no 'stars' on His schedule, no coffee bars, no concert performances, no PA system, no, new, incredibly, awesome screens, no basketball gyms (not that there's anything wrong with those things, unless they are the main thing), & absolutely, no compromise...& yet, somehow, He drew the multitudes. He always drew the multitudes. Sinners loved just HIM! Crowds couldn't stay away from just Him. People, everywhere, sought out, just Him. In place after place, city after city, town after town, they wanted just Him. He was always, enough. People were radically, & completely changed, for real, cuz of just Him. Hell lost souls every, single day, cuz of... just...Him. Hell hates just Him! Just... Him. Just the Word. Just God on display. Just power to save, Just power to heal, Just power to restore, Just power to deliver. Just power to love. Yeah, that's, Just, Him. That's all it took to impact His whole world, forever, for eternity. So, When I look at our creative, in high demand, competitive, star struck, sought after, modern day, approach, I'm so saddened by our ignorant, mistake, & I can't help, but, wonder why we don't follow the Leader, hardly, anymore. He mattered. Maybe we think our way is better. I don't know. Maybe we think we aren't enough, with Him. Could be. Maybe we wanna be relevant in the moment, but not impacting for eternity. I hope not. But, I'm just sitting here, drinking my coffee, minding my own business, & wondering, if, maybe, somewhere along the way, we've missed what really matters, somehow, trying to be what doesn't matter, anyhow...

Yeah, I just said that

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