• Michelle Rae

God hasn't, ever, lied to you...

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Good Morning!! So, I was sitting here thinking about God, nice concept, I know, cuz I'm smart....I'm very, very smart Anyway, God told me, that He's NOT a simple, man, and He doesn't ever lie about anything... Ever (Actually, He tells all of us that in His Word). He doesn't lie about one thing, big or small, ever! Let's just let THAT sink in, for a sec, past our silly, misinformed, misunderstanding of who He is, and who He is not. Phew! That'll change about everything! He is the MOST dependable, reliable, trustworthy, faithful, rock solid promise keeper in this whole wide, world, the whole, deep & complicated, galaxy, your messed up past, my kinda scary, unknown, future, AND our very, real, present. That means there's NOT one single, easy, or difficult, thing He's ever promised me, or you, or told me, or you, in prayer, or in the stillness, or in conversation, or in His Word, or in our OWN heart, or dreams, or desires, that He didn't, & doesn't, still, FULLY intend to keep! Not one! Never! He can't. Do we even, understand? If He did, it would make Him a liar, it would make Him unfaithful, and that is the one thing He is NOT. Please, don't ever, let anyone, & I mean, anyone, including you, your own brain, or emotions, or confusion, or ignorance, or yep, foolishness, ever, ever, ever talk you into questioning His character, or talk you out of trusting His faithfulness. The world says He's a liar. The world says He's mean & unfaithful. The world says He's just a man. The world says He breaks His promises. The world says He's nothing special. The world says don't trust Him. The world says 'We don't need Him'. Those horrible, untrue, sad, misinformed, words should never come out of the heart, or mouth, of His beautiful, amazing, trusting, people. He hasn't, ever, lied to you, so make sure, they don't.

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