• Michelle Rae

Are we believing the best about each other?

Christians, please, please, please, Always remember everything you hear is not truth. Every story is not accurate. Every account is not fool proof. Every complaint is not always factual. Every version has the potential of being misleading. Every recollection doesn't always relay reality. Every angry, accusatory venting, does not deserve indulging. Every 'prayer request' is not pure, innocent concern. No! Everything you hear isn't worth your listening ear. No, some things are just false. Some are made up. Some are meant to inflict harm. Some are inflated facts. Some things are made up gossip. Some are meant to hurt. Some to simply destroy. Some motives are to tear apart. Some things are misinformation. Some are meant to be spread. Some things are an over exaggeration. Some are a personal vendetta. Some things are pay back. Some are retaliation. Some are ignorance gone astray. Some things are obvious confusion of an event. Some things are just foolish, pride filled, and emotionally driven, and others...well, Simply, just a lie. And I'm not talking about conversations of an unbeliever. I'm not talking about the world. I'm not referring to others, somewhere, far, far away. I'm talking about home. I'm talking about right where we live. I'm talking about conversations among us, each other, believers. Jesus lovers. God pursuers. Those who have had the LOVE of God poured into our very being!! Those who SHOULD know better. Those who understand forgiveness. Those who've experienced much grace. Those who live in the atmosphere of new mercies, each, every morning. Awh! Those who are supposed to represent Jesus, and do it well. Those who are all about building up, defending, helping, protecting, restoring, loving. We are not the vengeful, or backbiting, or gossiping, or lying, or retaliation type. We are not the hurtful, cruel, or initiators of pain. We are not the destroyers and the haters. And we certainly are not Co-laborers with our enemy!! Heaven help us if we've become that! It's NOT in our DNA. It's abnormal. We are new creatures, and we certainly should act new! You know, & I know The enemy is always working to steal friendships, kill grace & mercy, and destroy trust. He's always trying to do anything he can to make us look bad in the eyes of the world, by twisting facts, blowing up details, & strategically, inventing lies and deception. He ONLY comes to divide & Conquer, and we, God's kids, are his most favorite targets. Ever. We must be smarter. We must be determined. We must be constant. We must be wiser than the serpent, and gentle as the dove (Holy Spirit). We are not fools, and should never be caught acting foolish. We believe the BEST of each other, and we are slow to speak. We don't automatically believe gossip, and we certainly don't turn on one another. We have each other's back, and we REFUSE to let anyone tear any of us down. We pick up the wounded. And we defend the brave. We close our ears to hatred and lies, and we pursue God's heart alone. We are Christians. We are in this thing together. We are God filled, and Spirit led... Let's act like it.

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