• Michelle Rae

Some Friendships End

Updated: Sep 12, 2018


Can I share something with you? ...a reality check, I guess. Maybe, a hard thing to swallow? Probably something, some don't want to hear, not here, not now, not ever. But, As Sad as it may seem, & as cruel as it feels to say or hear... We have to know...we must know, so we aren't caught off guard, so we aren't left with the wind knocked out of us. So our world isn't suddenly spinning outta control. CUZ, who likes being surprised, anyway?! It'll affect us all, sooner or later, it will touch all of our lives, eventually...but, no one wants to talk about it, no one wants to go 'there', no one wants to be the 'bad guy' ...so, I WILL, cuz I love you too much NOT to & I want you to know... So, here goes... people you care deeply about, would do anything for, can't imagine your life without, do, sometimes, walk out of your life. Some people won't stay. Some friendships end. Some relationships are for a season, but, not a lifetime. And, oh no, my sweet friend, There's not always a warning, or a reason, or a time to even get your heart prepared. There isn't always an explanation that makes sense of this heartbreak, or any time to stand in their way. There's hardly ever a thing you can do, or much of a chance to hold on tight, with both hands before they go, & very rarely can you find the right words at this exact moment, that will change anything at all. If there were, trust me, we'd find them. No, sometimes... There's just a goodbye. No changed mind, no fixing it, no forget it even came up, no turning back time... No, sometimes, it is just... goodbye. And we are left standing there, wondering what just happened, asking, 'is this really, real?', while, clenching our chest, & with everything in us, just trying to breathe. Just breathe! As tears stream down our face & confusion floods our mind, we suddenly, are forced, to try so, desperately, to talk our heart into beating again. CUZ, For a brief moment, it kinda forgets how. There's no apologies & no permission asked to interrupt & abandon, our life, it just happens. Our thoughts start filling our mind...& we are tormented with our own unanswered questions & faced, so suddenly, with our own unmistakable, stupid, too late, regrets & unexpected, fears...What did I do? What just happened? How do I go on... without you? How do I breathe, without you? How do I live... Without you??? WAIT!!! Please, WAIT!! While, WE are Wondering what in the world just went completely, wrong. Our mind tells us it's not true & our heart lies to us screaming... It can't be! How do you live, when all that's worth living for, is gone? How do you put one foot in front of the other, when your world was just pulled out from under you. How do you hold on when your whole world just slipped through your fingers? We don't always know why, or what, or when, but somewhere, something changed, & somehow, something happened, right in front of us, that we didn't see or, maybe, we refused to see, until this moment, & now, it's too late for a redo, & this is where, some that we love, will just, turn around & simply, walk out of our LIFE, FOREVER. They may have said, 'I'll stay here, forever'. They may have promised to never leave. They may have pledged their love to you for a lifetime, & they might even have meant it, once upon a time, but some good things, will come to an end, & time tries all things & maybe their part in your story, was just, over. And promises are promises, but they're not always true. And people are just people, & they don't always do what they say. And life is life, & sometimes it plays, unfair. People change. Things change. Friendships, change. Relationships always... Change. And, yes, It can hurt so stinkin' deeply that, you're not even sure you'll ever be able, to breathe again. Or want to. But you will. You'd do anything to turn back time, and do it all OVER again...Right. But, you can't. You'll think you'll never love like that or trust like that, again. But, you will. You'll think you'll never, laugh like you did with them in your life, ever, again. But, you'll try. You'll think you'll never be 'YOU' without 'THEM' , but, I promise you, you will. It's earth shattering, it's heart wrenching, its life altering, but, it...is... life. It is real. It's what we go through to love & be loved. It's the risk we take when we pull our walls down & let a stranger walk into our life. It's the chance we take to know & be known. It's an adventure we choose to pursue, facing the odds, unafraid. & it's that deep longing to have someone in our life, even if only for a moment, that we just can't stay away from, so we don't. You may think your heart won't beat again, but, it will. You may think you'll never do that again, but you will. You may think life won't ever be worth living again, but, one day, it will. Yes, my dear, sweet, friend, Some people, come for a moment & Some, for a season. But, always remember, no matter who comes or who goes, in & out of your life, God always comes for a LIFETIME, & the Truth is, you're never really, really, alone, & you will be OK again, & some promises ARE kept, and THERE IS ONE who promises to stay...Forever... And yes, believe it or not, He... actually... will.

I will NEVER leave you, or forsake you, or, ever, abandon, you. I promise! No worries. ~ Jesus

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