• Michelle Rae

Is Someone On Your Mind?

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

If someone you haven't thought about, in awhile, comes barreling into your mind, outta nowhere, today, Don't ignore it, or dismiss it, or forget about it. Don't be too busy to respond. Don't be too distracted to care. Reach out. Send a text. Call them. Go to them. Pray for them. Maybe, just maybe, they need God today. Maybe they prayed 'if there's a God out there', maybe they're drowning & need Him to come rescue them. Maybe they don't even know Him... Yet. And, maybe, just maybe, God's wanting so badly to get their attention, to show them He's there, to tell them they aren't alone, to tell them that He sees them, so, He's reached out to you, in that moment, to be His hands, His feet, His mouth, His love, His heart, so you can just go tell them that. Your text, your call, your visit, your time, may be the very thing that changes everything, for that person, God so faithfully & unexpectedly, put on your mind, outta nowhere, today. So, Don't interfere with His heart to reach them. Don't get in His way. Don't be the reason they don't feel Him today. Just let Him use you to love them... Today. It's really very simple.

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