• Michelle Rae

God's Love

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

As the sun is starting to set, & parts of the world are heading off to sleep, I pray you know, deep down, inside the hidden places in your heart, that God is thinking about you, as you lay there, in this moment, & more than anything, in THIS moment, He wants you to know His love for you... Is RIGHT there, in the air you're breathing, in this moment. Yeah, that perfect, beautiful, all for YOU, nothing it won't do for you, can't live without you, love, well, it's completely & eternally, yours. Nothing you can do about it. You can't EVER earn it, don't even try. You don't deserve it. You could never manipulate Him into it. You can't buy it, or steal it, or hide from it, or remove yourself from view of it. You can't pretend around it, and you can't convince it to go away. You'll never talk it out of loving you, & leaving you alone, is NEVER gonna be an option. You can't grasp it. You can't explain it, and you can't ever, no matter how hard you try, replace it. It pursues you constantly. It surrounds you longingly. It wants you totally, & it is given to you, freely. Really, to be completely, honest you are no match for it at all... You can try & outrun it, you can totally, ignore it. You can angrily reject it. You can pretend you don't need it...But God is desperately hoping, tonight, right now, in this moment...you won't.

Sleep, cradled in His Love...There's no place, His love, would rather you be.

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