• Michelle Rae


Updated: Sep 12, 2018


As you settle in tonight & you before let your mind wander off & hang out, somewhere, in some places, with some people, its NOT supposed to be... Before you let lies bombard your mind & deception trespass on your heart... Before you let any old song play in your head, or any words replay, over & over, in your thoughts...Before you go visit a person, place, or thing, somewhere, in your memory...just, Wait. Be sure you know what your doing. Be sure you're willing to take the risk. Be absolutely sure, you wanna go 'there'. CUZ there are some memories that should never be replayed, & some places that should never be, revisited. And, If things are just, allowed to take hold of our mind, whenever they want, then, they will soon, without asking, invade our heart, & if allowed to permanently dwell there, they will, forever, stay in our life. Some things, some words, some memories, some people, have no right to access our heart whenever they feel like they just want to. They have no right just to show up and linger where they have been evicted from. There are some things that are better off, left in the past. There are some people, better off, left behind. There are some memories, better off, left in our history. There are some places we need to forget we've ever been. We can't just lay down at night & let our thoughts drift off to territory they don't belong in. And, we know where our heart doesn't belong. We always know where we don't belong. We don't need someone to say, 'don't go there', cuz, If we listen closely, we'll come to realize, our hearts' been saying it all along. We, you & I, matter way too much to just lay here, vulnerable, & let our past stuff, junk, mistakes, messes, or, stupidity dictate, control, torment, threaten, hinder & hold our today & tomorrows, in their grasp. We are not supposed to fall, looking back. But we will. We are suppose to rise, looking, forward. And, we should. Your tomorrow is waiting for you to step into it, ready for the new, free from the past, determined to move on, & refusing to repeat anything that is NOT making you ...better. Don't let your tomorrow down. Night!

'Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

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