• Michelle Rae

Incredibly Amazing, Yes...You Are!

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

My prayer for you is, that, tonight, as you lay down & begin to drift off to sleep, you'd be able to forgive you, if you need to. I really, hope you can accept you cuz it's time to. Please, please, just believe in you, cuz well, you need...you. And, somehow, somewhere, I pray, you find the strength to Love you, cuz no one one is more deserving of your love... Than you. No one should ever, ever have to go to bed with the person they hate the most. My prayer, is that right now, even if it's the very 1st time in your beautiful life, you will drift off to sleep finally, realizing what an incredibly amazing person you really, really, are.

And just so you know...your God is crazy about you

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