• Michelle Rae

Everyone Is NOT Gonna Like You

Can I just be honest with you, just for a moment? No, you didn't ask, I know, but sometimes, honesty is exactly what we need first thing in the morning. Oh yeah,and coffee. Don't ever forget the coffee! So, here goes...Ready? Everyone is NOT gonna like you, and everyone is not supposed to be your friend. Did ya hear me? EVERYONE IS NOT GONNA LIKE YOU. They aren't.They don't. They won't. EVER...And no matter what you do, or how you try to change, or hide, or pretend, or how many times, you apologize for not being what they want you to be, it, that, won't make any kind of difference with some people, & it definitely, wont cause them to like you anymore! Just when you think You're alright, they'll still call you all wrong. (We know how you fell, Mr. President *sigh*) It wont fix it. It won't draw them to you, it won't accomplish anything, & it certainly wont make you feel good about you. Truth is...not everyone around you, or everyone you meet, is meant to be a part of YOUR story. We spend too much time trying to rewrite, what God has already written, and we're trying our darnedest to rearrange everything, and we gotta stop. We try to manipulate, and scheme, and pretend, and, pretty much, disappear, just so THAT 'one person' will want to be our friend...why? Why does our heart need them so much? Why does their opinion of us, affect us so stinking much?? Why do we let it? Maybe they don't want to be our friend...nor will they ever want to be. So what?? Who are these people we let steal our joy, our confidence, our self worth, our day, our mind, our destiny, our reason for being, anyway?? They are someone NOT meant to be in your 'book'. That's all. That's who they are. It's not a tragedy...it's just reality, how its supposed to be. Some people may never find any good in you. Some people maybe, can't stand the fact that you breathe, that you exist. Some people can't, or won't, or refuse, to see the gift that you, most certainly are, to them, to this whole wide world. And its really...OK! We spend sooooo much time dismissing, and belittling, and apologizing, and diminishing who God has made us to be, over, and over, and over, again, and for what? To get one person, who can't even hardly tolerate us, get 'em to like us?? No! It's way too exhausting, and who has the time? We have a Creator who can't get enough of us. A God who thinks we are the most beautiful masterpiece He's ever made. A Savior who would do ANYTHING just to know us. A Father, who everyday, has amazing, personal, prepared ahead of time, itself, plans for us, for me, for you. He counts every hair on your head, and catches every tear that falls down your face. You already have the most wonderful, best friend, in this whole universe. And... He loves you WITHOUT you even trying. No, we don't have time to be feeling sorry for ourselves, or for dismissing who we are, or apologizing for God, for being absolutely, and completely breathtaking! We got a story to write! Write on! Turn the page. Finish the book. And, instead of trying, really hard, being someone you're not, for someone who really, doesn't care, try spending your precious, time, learning to love the fact that YOU, my powerful, & anointed, & fabulous, friend are fearfully and wonderful made by God Himself! So, Yep, not everyone's gonna love you, but who cares? Their complete loss.

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