• Michelle Rae

Resist Him & He Will Flee

The bible tells us to be aware of the enemy's schemes. It says RESIST him & he WILL flee from us. We are not to ASSIST him by talking like him, acting like him, thinking like him, listening to him, being a spokesperson for him, we are to say NO to him! Completely...go away, leave, not here, not happening, not today, not now, not with me, devil!! No to his stupid strife, no to his destructive gossip, no to his fake gospel, no to his destroying divisiveness, no to his deceptive lies, no to his paralyzing fear, no to his perverted reasonings, no to his desire to steal, kill, & destroy us, or those around us. We, as believers, must do what God tells us to do with the enemy, or he'll continue to infect, interrupt, interfere, & invade our life. God said choose life...we each have a choice to make, every day, every circumstance, every moment...what will I choose for MY life?...what direction will I go? What will I do? How do I want this moment to play out? The devil comes to all of us to sabotage our life, no one is excluded. If you love God, the devil hates... you... BUT...God said, we get to decide what kind of life we want ours to be... full of life or death, consumed with blessings or curses...its our choice to make, your choice to make... so choose wisely!

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