• Michelle Rae

Hit the Restart Button

Maybe today you messed up unintentionally, or said something horribly, or hurt someone terribly, or was hurt by someone deeply. Maybe things didn't go the way you hoped they would when you woke up this morning. Maybe your world fell apart, or your ground shook a little too much. Maybe everything you dreamed of, was taken away, today, and all you're left with is a badly wounded, broken heart, too many, unanswered questions, & so many tears that won't leave your face alone. Maybe everything is totally & completely, & painfully, wrong & right now, as you read this post, you wish more than anything in the world, you could turn around, walk back into this morning, & push the 'restart' button...well, I hope, more than anything, right now, your heart can hear your God say, 'I'm here & You can'. His mercies are NEW each morning & tomorrow is another opportunity for life to be right.

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