• Michelle Rae

Just hand it over!

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Ok...my thinking for the moment...ready? So, Jesus told us to cast ALL our cares on Him, (PTL!) once & for all, & leave it alone, & turn around, brush it off, & walk away, far, far away, like its no longer ours. And, guess what? That beautiful, selfless, stands through the ages, command, from the Master, that strong suggestion from the One who knows EVERYTHING, that offer of HELP in every, single, rotten, horrible, difficult, overwhelming, unexpected, testing every ounce of faith I have, situation, still stands today, right now, where ever you are, whatever you are going through, & whoever you are dealing with, today! Jesus, awesome, wonderful, more than able, Jesus, is still saying 'Give it to me!. Geez!! Just hand it over!' So, my job, your job, our little job, is to just let Jesus have it. Sounds simple enough. Unclench your little fists, relax your tightened up face, stop trying to fix everything alone, and give it up! I know we think worrying about it will somehow make it go away, like if I just freak out a little bit longer, it'll just, 'poof', get tired of me, & vanish somehow & just disappear into the night, but, I have to tell ya, Jesus said it won't. Sorry. Not gonna happen. Letting the devil plague our mind, our heart, our thoughts, minute by minute, & hour by hour, today, or any other day, with fear, & what ifs, & torment, & worry is unacceptable, & not beneficial, & never, ever brings our breakthrough. Worry & dread, and tossing & turning all night long, doesn't produce peace, ever. I would think if there's someone MORE THAN HAPPY to deal with my stuff, my pain, my mess, my heartache, my confusion, my unanswered questions, my whys, my failures, my loss, my battles, my chaos, & all my cares, just for me, it would be such great news & I'd run to turn it all over, quickly, and GLADLY, cuz I wear myself out trying to do it alone, its ridiculous, ineffective, and draining...I can't do it! That's the only way to live today, give it away...or... do it yourself, carry it alone, and in that case...Good luck

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