• Michelle Rae

Are you going to run or rise?

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

So often, we can be faced with too many, overwhelming, and sometimes very, difficult, situations & circumstances. Every day there are things that could come out of nowhere, it seems, & just take our next breath away, without even asking. It's so hard for us to know, when, in the early hours of the morning, our beautiful eyes open up, and our feet hit the floor, what life will bring into our space, our home, or our family. There is one thing I have learned in my years, & it's that life ALWAYS has a way of getting our attention, if it really wants to. But, we, you & I, ALWAYS have a choice on how we will behave, when life doesn't seem fair, or right, or conquererable, and the world, our world, feels like it just suddenly, stopped turning. Don't ya just hate those desperate, heart pounding, moments? When all hell has broken loose around us, & running in terror seems like, yes, the most appropriate, & most dignified, thing to do at the moment? Thankfully, We get to take a breath back, & actually choose, in that place, what we will do next. We do have, at least, some control over that, even if things feel so totally out of control all around us. So...What...in...the...world...will...I... do? We have 2 choices. We can stand up, gather our our-self together, throw our shoulders back, ignore our shaky knees, and through tears, confusion, anger, fear, & breathlessness, fight this thing, this intruder, this trespasser, that's barged in uninvited, & interrupted our whole life, or we can let it invade unchecked, & unhindered, & we can simply, turn around, jump back into bed, pull the covers over our head, close our eyes, & run away somewhere in our mind. We can hide. We can pretend. We can ignore. We can try to disappear, somewhere under the blankets, so the unwanted guest can't find us, but Really? Seriously? Is that really who we are? Yep, We always have a choice, but, Let me just be clear, pretending like that, hiding behavior, will force it to just give up on tormenting you, & simply go away, doesn't work. It won't work. It never works! I've tried. When you pull yourself together, & pop your head out from under the safety of your covers, it'll still be looking at you. Probably smirking, but definitely, still looking. Its so funny how, FEAR WILL CAUSE US TO DO THE STUPIDEST THINGS sometimes. Facing an unwanted, invasion from hell, & the FEAR accompanying it, always gives us 2 options. It dares us to respond, and intimidates us not to: FEAR can simply be defined as: Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise? So, guess what I'm asking is, What are we gonna do? Do we take the dare? Do we Stand or do we hide? Do we Rise or do we run? Hopefully, when the dust settles, we choose rightly, and really, if our God be for us, & with us, why in the world, wouldn't we?

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