• Michelle Rae


Updated: Sep 12, 2018

So, let me just clear any confusion up, in case you've argued with yourself way too much & let self hating, get way, way outta hand. Cuz, really, tbh, who hasn't?!? Just because your kids act the fool, embarrasses you like crazy, do every single thing contrary to what you spent your whole lifetime teaching them, & call you overbearing uninformed, outdated, & old, does NOT mean you are a horrible human being, & a lousy, parent, & are not worthy to have children, & what were you thinking, & well, you get the point. You are an amazing parent. You've done the best you know how. Maybe you messed up along the way, but who hasn't. Join the club. About Your kids... Well. I refer you to God, in Genesis, in the garden, in the Bible. He was an AMAZINGLY PERFECT Dad... His kids...complete, Fools. Now, go Enjoy your day knowing what goes around, will, yep, come around, & you, my fellow parent, will have the last laugh!

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