• Michelle Rae

Today, let's shock everybody!

Hey, Jesus Believers, today let's shock everybody, and, just be nice, for real. Let's love people like Jesus really does, and go out of our way to show them we mean it. Let's choose to think of others more highly then ourselves, and maybe let someone else go first, for once. YAY! How about we refuse to keep a record, and track, of every, single, little wrong, done to us, and we always, today, believe the best of someone else, even if its our spouse, or child, parents, or co worker, teacher, pastor, or boss. Can we just choose to be kind, yep, friendly, so people wanna actually be around us, and let's refuse to be jealous or envious of anyone, no matter what they do, or what they have, or what they might be recognized for? It would be awesome if we could just decide, right now, we won't get easily angered no matter what, and, doesn't matter what anyone does to us, they can't make us be rude to anyone, even if we wanna be. And whatever we do....let's NOT boast about ourselves, or be proud over 'our' accomplishments, with our head held back & our nose in the air, cuz, really, its ugly, and not very becoming, & cuz we, deep down, already know love DOES NOT do that, and Jesus won't approve, anyway. Nope, Let's just be patient, and kind, let's trust, let's rejoice, and let's keep going, and never give up, cuz love never, ever fails, and it may make our day a whole lot better! 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

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