• Michelle Rae

Your moment to shine!

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Good Morning, heaven! I just Gotta say.... Thank you, Jesus, that today is a brand new, never lived before, day. I'm so eternally grateful, beyond words that Yesterday, with all its messes, chaos, turmoil, tears, heartache, confusion, not so good, surprises, disappointments, mistakes, falling short, struggles, pressures, failures, shortcomings, & mishaps, is gone, over, disappeared, outta sight, survived, defeated, conquered, faced & lived to tell about, behind me, forgotten, forgiven....forever! Yes! Today is God's gift to me, a fresh start, a 'try again' moment, a do over, a new perspective, a mercy filled encounter, a never before seen, moment in time, a making history kind of thing. It's my stage, my debut of something great, my 1st day of the rest of my whole life! This is what lies before me...today. It's my moment to shine! My very own opportunity to be awe inspiring! My challenge to be totally me, all in, giving everything I've got! No half hearted today, no 'kinda' moment, no 'sort of' attitude, no 'what ever' state of mind! Not allowed today. Won't do it! Refuse to live it, just part of the way. It's all, or nothing! Today is my day, to make every effort to be amazing! To be extremely, breathtaking! To be completely, fabulous! To be EVERYTHING JESUS designed, determined, destined, and, yes, dreamed I could be!! His expectation is high, His love is deep, His wonder of me, intense, and His mercy towards me, enough! Today, in this beautiful, never seen before, day, God has given me a gift, and I have no other choice, nothing else I can do, but give it all I've got, let it bring out the best in me, and, for goodness sake...just, go on ahead, with total determination, running full force, completely, forgetting what lies behind me, not ever, ever looking back, facing today with great, profound, expectation, rejoicing that I get another chance to be incredible, and just go ahead and make Him so very, very proud! Or...I guess...I can just repeat...yesterday

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